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How To Use The DBXSchool Online Education Platform

Ready to dive into a world of knowledge with just a few clicks? Let's get you started on your online course journey in a way that's both easy and exciting! 

Join the Course!

  • Find Your Passion: Zip over to the website and pick the course that makes your heart beat faster.

  • Hit "Join": Spotted something you love? Click "Join" to get the ball rolling!


Secure Your Spot!

  • Payment Time: Follow the prompts to pay for your course. It's like buying a ticket to an adventure—make sure your details are spot-on!


Dive into the Content!

  • Web or App, Your Choice: After payment, the world (of your course) is your oyster, either on the website or via the super handy DBXSchool app available on the App Store and Google Play.

  • Download the App: If you're always on your phone, grab the app and log in to find your course waiting.


Engage and Learn!

  • Watch and Wonder: Each module is packed with videos that'll keep you glued to the screen.

  • Extra Goodies: Don't miss out on the additional resources—articles, documents, and more—to boost your brainpower.

  • Module Mastery: Keep going through the modules; it's like following a treasure map to knowledge!


Ace the Assessment!

  • Score to Soar: Finish up with assessments that need an 80% score to pass—you've got this!

  • Claim Your Prize: Pass, and a shiny certificate is all yours.


Keep an Eye on the Clock!

  • 60-Day Challenge: Remember, you've got 60 days to grab that certificate. The course stays, but the chance for the certificate sails away after 60 days.


Need Help?

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