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Managing The Human Side Of Digital Transformation

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Course Description

This comprehensive online training is uniquely designed to address the multi-faceted human aspects that deliver successful digital transformation. It focuses on the pivotal role of engaging with internal stakeholders to drive organizational change through technology for value creation, emphasizing the importance of purpose, transformational change, and effective people management. The course explores significant marketplace shifts, including generational changes and the rise of the gig economy, applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to understand workforce motivations. It addresses why digital transformations fail, highlighting the necessity of managing the human element and the impact of organizational culture. By integrating practical tools and frameworks, this online course presents strategies for transformational change that prepares learners to lead successful digital transformations by aligning business strategies with human-centric approaches, ensuring an innovative, adaptable workforce ready to thrive in a digitally transformed future. Learning Objectives After the course, you will be able to: - Understand digital transformation drivers that push organizations towards digital innovation and change. - Apply organizational change principles to create, deliver, and capture value, emphasizing comprehensive organizational change. - Analyze and adapt to generational shifts, the gig economy, and evolving workplace needs using digital tools. - Apply psychological principles to motivate and engage the modern workforce effectively. - Recognize and address common pitfalls by focusing on purpose, values, and people management. - Utilize effective tools and frameworks to successfully manage the human side of transformation. To successfully manage end-to-end digital transformation, complete the Executing Digital Transformation In Practice online course first. Join Now:





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